Using High Status Humor in Attracting Girls

Use humor into your daily life and you're guaranteed to be more happy, and those around you happy. Their stress will also lower to ground level and the conversation more fun and joyous. Dates that have no laughs are boring and dreadful to be a part of. At the same time, Humor can change a very bad date into a very good date. Same with relationships that have almost no life and about to die can meet salvation if humor used at the right time. Seriously.

Have you heard or read about the studies conduction around humor? Women love men who has them. It's been proven time and time again. And best of all, your other bad qualities will be overshadowed by your good humor. A laugh or a smile can help you and other people feel better. As it shortens the gap between the two of you.

It brings people closer together because humor and laughter ties them together really tight, if you think about it. Humor can be also like oil, making the rough parts just slide, and recognize what really matters. All those bad emotions will suddenly fade away if you use humor. It's not possible to feel both bad and good emotions at the same time, they're opposites.

Humor can change behavior. When we are happy, we talk more, make more eye contact, and touch others. Watch as she gets more alert and excited. She'll be full of energy for some later activities. It's really great for your health, too.

Men who have a high status humor in personality traits that attract women, that's according to surveys. having just a little bit of sense of humor can be a good asset when it comes to attracting the opposite sex.

If you're a vendor, you want happy customers, and as a guy that means using your sense of humor in every conversation with women. Don't be boring. Add life to your conversations with women. And don't take your life so seriously every minute of the day. Funny men are even considered more intelligent since they can joke about things instantly at a moments notice. if you have a good sense of humor, it means you're also creative. Guys with sense of humor seems to understand others well, too.

Let's see what effects humor has on the body. It benefits the body and the emotion. Humor makes you healthier as it lowers stress and allows you to relax. And makes you heal faster, too. No wonder women feels good while being with a man who has a great sense of humor. Men with sense of humor are always cheerful. Each day is sunny. Confident that all problems will pass and move on with hope.

Physical attractiveness don't matter that much when you got something better like your sense of humor. Girls just seem to be able to relax more around funny guys. And they sure are able to get closer easily with them, too. A man with a great sense of humor makes the woman feel confident.

Use humor to talk with any woman. If you're funny use it to create massive amounts of attraction towards you. Everything can be made funny but don't make fun of everything. Also add some teasing while you're at it.

Make your relationships last longer and happier. Now you know about these results, tell the world about it. It will make the world a better place to live in. Reward your every day interactions with humor and build relationships around it.