See How to Attract Women

What actually attract a woman?

You cannot attract girls unless you become good at communication. How you talk to girls and interact with them will reveal your personality. The girl you are talking to will immediately know what you are worth. This is the usual time frame they make a mental judgment on the guy they're talking to.

Develop your communication abilities until you are really good at talking to girls. Don't talk like you are in an interview if you are out in a bar or club trying to meet women.

You are there to flirt. If a girl is talking to you and asking you questions, give her a funny reply. It is important that you answer her questions in a direct way. You don't even have to make sense sometimes and it is okay. You need to deliver memorable comebacks to keep the conversation progressing. One thing you always want to do is show how confident you are.

Girls are more likely to enjoy being with someone of high value than someone else. Remember, the more value you add to yourself, the more attractive you become to women. Girls don't like men who go after every girl they see. If you want to attract girls, have girls come and chase you.

You'll find that it is a simple idea. If a guy is preselected and other girls noticed, those girls will be intrigued and interested. Girls are always on the lookout who are preselected by other girls.

Pretty girls get approached by guys thousand of times a day.

And more often than not, what most of these guys do are lame and have been done before. It is not easy being a hot chick out in the world. Girls know it is true so you can show that you understand where she's coming from. Sometimes it can be really funny when you give examples.

This can help you bond from the start. It shows you are different. This can also get her at ease and relax a little. Keep the good things going and you are on your way to her heart and wherever else you want to go. If you want to know if you have a chance with a girl, look at her in the eyes.

When you make eye contact with her, and she gave you a smile, that's an invitation. When she doesn't pay much attention to you, you're better off looking at someone else.

This will allow you to know who is willing to talk to you.

As you know, majority of communication is through your actions.

Non-verbal says more about you than anything else. It is not important if you have little to say. What is important is to be able to say the right things with your body.

Most of the time, it is easy to tell from your body if you are not confident. You won't be able to give a genuine smile. Trembling hands will give you away. Watch what your body is telling those who are around you. Of course, you should also see what her body is saying.

Be sure that you have the necessary confidence within you when you do this.

Don't rely on any useless one-liner that most guys have used before. The key is supreme inner confidence. Just having the confidence to make her laugh and interested separates you from the rest. These are just some of the components of how to attract women.

Knowing things like how to attract women can help you avoid mistakes when meeting women. Ever think about what inside a woman's mind? What is she thinking about? There are some secrets women don't want men to know. Men absolutely must know these secrets to be successful with women.